Sunday, February 08, 2004

Jessica reminds Rob that he could not have addressed it because she has been moderated since she TRIED and he keeps rejecting the posts!

Subj: Re: Message not approved: NO MORE POSTS--Galatians 1:1, "negative inference," etc.
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 01:29:22 +0100 (CET)
From: jessica
< Jessica,
< I'm sorry, this message is not being posted.
< You wrote:

<<< In my latest post to you I outlined a number of problems with
< your analysis. You made a few good points but you completely skipped
< the section which I titled "The Negative Inferences in your restated
< position." >>

< Actually, I explained what I saw to be the error in your response to
< my argument when I commented on earlier parts of that post, and then
< stated that you continued making the same error in later portions--
< which includes the section you say I skipped.

Rob, you might have a point if you had not on 2/4/04 restated your view that Paul said he would not be an apostle if he had been appointed by a man.

To top it off you claimed that I had not yet addressed that point and when I do you skip over it and do not respond saying that you had already addressed it!

< One reason why I have called this thread, besides the fact that you
< (and recently Dave and Yon) keep repeating this same criticism, is
< that you never have responded to what you call my "few good points."
< It isn't a discussion when one side consistently keeps hitting one
< note while ignoring what the other side is saying.

< You wrote:

<<< In #11210 you outlined logic which you claimed I had "yet to
< refute." Yet when I refute it (and quite adeptly I might add) you do
< not comment on it. Is if fair of you to claim that I have not
< refuted it and then not comment on my refutation? Is it fair for you
< to close the thread down when you have not answered this? >>

< Jessica, I have answered it, several times, and in fact you have
< NEVER answered or even commented on the logical analysis I made of
< the text.

This is the point where you had claimed I had never addressed the point. I have been on moderation since I addressed the point and so it is impossible that you have answered it!

< You wrote:

<<< I can understand your consternation. You very clearly state that
< Galatians 1:1 can be construed that Paul is speaking about how he
< would NOT have been an apostle (emphasis by you). How can this be
< anything other than the Negative Inference Fallacy? >>

< My logical analysis of the argument explained this, as did my
< discussion of the larger context of Galatians 1. Since you refuse to
< discuss these matters, there's no reason for the thread to continue.

< In Christ's service,
< Rob Bowman

Rob, I did not make the original argument. Dave made the original argument. My only involvement has been with regards the fallacious manner of your challenge. Remember when I asked if it was a riddle and you said yes?

Well I have responded to your riddle. However, not before you fess up to your fallacy you want to expand the discussion with me.

I say, first things first. Fess up first and then we will talk.

Just me,

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