Wednesday, October 20, 2004

RB15799-Rob #21: Where we go from here 

(15799) Robert Bowman[Wed Oct 20, 2004 1:34 am]( John 8:58: Rob #21: Where we go from here

To most of what you said, I would simply refer you and others to the specifics of my previous post, which I think holds up just fine.

The list members may have surprised you. There are several here who are zealously on your side in our discussion, and, although they won’t do it in politics, here they are not shy about voting. And I’m guessing that a number of persons who favor my perspective on John 8:58 voted to go along with your desire to postpone group discussion until you and I have finished, whenever that may be.

I happen to agree with you that you did not commit the _ad hominem_ fallacy when you questioned my motives, methods, and values as an apologist. However, you did misjudge me in those matters. It would also have been nice if you had acknowledged that I was right when I pointed out to you (in my post #14) that you were incorrect in complaining repeatedly that I had accused you of an _ad hominem_. Oh, well.

You wrote:

Please understand that I do not fault you for introducing new arguments, or for belatedly answering criticisms I made three months ago.

Jason, your very first post appeared on August 4, only two-and-a-half months ago. You covered a wide range of issues in that one post, and I have been replying to various parts of it ever since.

You wrote:

And please pardon me for not recognizing the material in your post 15 as somehow a distant cousin of some remarks you made in your book. It really is so reformulated from the latter as to take the form of a new angle on the material. A much clearer formulation than in the book, I think, so congratulations.

I’m glad you think so.

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