Saturday, January 22, 2005

JB16652 - Jason #28: Question of Clarification 

(JB16652) Jason BeDuhn [Sat Jan 22, 2005 3:57 pm] (Jason #28: Question of Clarification)


Perhaps now would be an appropriate time to ask a clarifying question, since I for one am having difficulty following your line of argument. Do you mean to argue that the PPA so overlaps with the "universal" gnomic and the "static" that to say that EIMI in John 8:58 can be construed as a PPA is necessarily to leave open its consrual as one of these other two categories of use? Or do you mean to argue that EIMI in John 8:58 is one of these other two categories of use and NOT a PPA? These are two distinct, irreconciliable arguments, but I can't quite tell which of them you are making. In either case, I think you have insurmountable obstacles to making your case. In the first line of argument, you have not been able to demonstrate that any grammars support the idea that the PPA overlaps with these other categories of use (and for good reason, because the progressive temporal quality of the PPA is exactly what is lacking in "universal" or "static" states or natures). In the second line of argument you face the challenge that none of your grammars identifies John 8:58 as belonging to these other categories of use. Four of your grammars consider it a PPA, and to the best of my knowledge none of them cite it under any other category of use. But in any case, a clarification of your position on this would be helpful.

best wishes,
Jason B.

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